Our Stories are of people, food and community.

The word “Olo” translates to “hungry” in Chinook Jargon, a derivative language of English, French, Chinese and Chinook.

We are a restaurant that believes in sustainable farming practices, seasonality, and knowing the stories of the growers.

We thank our dedicated staff, suppliers and guests for participating.

Join us to create a unique story of your own!

Fox Glove Farms, Saanich Organics, Umi Nami, Ragley Farm

Forager Lance Staples, Mikuni Wild Harvest

Outlandish Shellfish Guild, Finest At Sea Ocean Products

Parry Bay Sheep Farm, Still Meadows Farm, Village Butcher

Avalon Dairy, Lockwood Farms, Tree Island Yogurt

and many other small artisan producers!